The Artists’ Press

The Artists’ Press is a gem of a printmaking studio in Mpumalanga. During my internship there in May/June this year, I made the two stone lithographs below in collaboration with master printer Mark Attwood. The prints Down the Line and Shadow Passing are available through The Artists’ Press and will be exhibited at their Pop-up show in Pretoria in September and at Salon91 in Cape Town in November.

My recent prints offer a glimpse into the quiet moments of pause within the city of Cape Town. Working from my own sketches and photographs, I aim to show an insider’s view of the well-documented tourist city. Cape Town is a place of many contrasts and one of these is between severe concrete architecture and picturesque mountains and beaches.

We see this contrast in the lithograph Down The Line, between the forest at the foot of the mountain and the bridge and highway of De Waal Drive. The familiar view is usually glimpsed  while passing by either through vehicle window or moving through the city on foot – but is held still here for the viewer to contemplate.

Shadow Passing offers a similar type of contemplation. A figure pauses for a second to view their shadow on a wall. It is a calm and tranquil moment of solitude – perhaps the early morning or evening. A time in-between, a moment of self-reflection.

down the line.jpg

Down the Line


shadow passing.jpg

Shadow Passing

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